Andra Stoll Carrick is an experienced leader, insightful strategist, active facilitator, and dynamic team-builder. She has a deep commitment to social justice, equity, and community. For 25 years, Andra has served in a variety of nonprofit, healthcare, and social services organizations: helping to build capacity, creatively solving problems and finding solutions. She is a collaborative decision-maker, compassionate administrator and effective implementer. As a coach and careful listener, Andra is attentive to culture, determined to support great work in others, and unafraid to delegate. “I like to laugh, find joy in work, relish learning, and love to inspire others to engage in a way that makes them feel and be successful.

Andra has a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on Nonprofit Management from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and a Bachelors in Sociology/Anthropology from Colgate University. Andra is both methodical and creative; identifying key performance measures, setting clear goals, and using data to track progress (and adjust tactics as needed) and achievement. She is dedicated to getting things done with integrity, heart, collaboration, and respect for what each person brings to the work. Given the chance, she will gladly facilitate any gathering with an array of markers and a big white board or piece of paper.

Andra was born and raised in Portland, Oregon – is well connected to her community, and is raising her two teenage sons here as well. She’s been a member of a bookclub for over 13 years; loves to walk – on the beach, on a nature trail, through cities and neighborhoods; enjoys her own and other’s creative outlet of cooking … and savoring the results!

Andra Carrick