Rachel has more than 25 years of experience as an executive director/interim executive director, organizational development coach and fund developer. She has supported dynamic network development and partnerships that led to high-performing management teams.  Over the past decade, she has managed executive transitions for 13 different social justice focused agencies in the nonprofit, philanthropic, public and educational sectors, including: KBOOFoundation, All Souls Unitarian Church, The Urgent Action Fund for Women’sHuman Rights, University of California Student’s Association and NYU’s WagnerSchool: Research Center for Leadership in Action (RCLA).

Rachel enjoys doing the-heavy-lifting by embracing the conditions for organizations to thrive while in the process of reinvention, change and chaos. She has been called the “Mary Poppins” of nonprofits. A former CFO who worked with Rachel and artist created a glass sculpture depicting Rachel as a “Giant Blueberry” an anti-oxidant for organizations.


Rachel Pfeffer
"We exist in a bundle of belonging" Archbishop Tutu