Robyn helps people put missions into action. She works with nonprofits, NGOs, social change, and advocacy organizations as they grow, make decisions, share their expertise, and change our communities and the world. She provides leadership support and mentoring; interim executive director services; training and train-the-trainer; facilitation; and strategic support. Her clients are local, regional, national, and international.

As Executive Director of Write Around Portland for ten years, she led strategic planning; expanded reach and audiences; grew and professionalized staff, operations, and volunteer programs; developed the board; and solidified and diversified funding to achieve best practices in nonprofit finance and sustainability.

For 13 years in Missouri and Oregon, Robyn worked in progressive electoral and legislative politics at the local, state and federal levels, in the labor movement, issue advocacy, community organizing, and coalition-building. She was an organizer, program director, and political and communications director.

Robyn’s creative and inclusive approach is grounded in values of relationships, justice, forward movement, learning, and kindness. She holds a degree in African-American Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, serves on Safety and Justice Oregon board, and is a weekly volunteer at VOA’s Men’s Residential Center for men in the criminal justice system and addiction treatment. A Midwesterner by birth and at heart, she writes, runs, reads in Portland. You can refer to her as Robyn or she/her.

Robyn Steely