Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
At the time we engaged our interim ED, the board was frustrated, anxious and concerned with the direction we were heading. He immediately calmed the board, listened closely to the staff, reassured them during this sensitive time, and helped us plan to stabilize the organization. This included community contacts and relationships that were essential to our organization. It was an excellent choice to bring on a professional with nonprofit expertise and such communication and management skills.
Karen Halliday, Board Member/ Vice Chair
Chehelem Cultural Center
Having an interim leader with knowledge of nonprofits and boards was invaluable. To the community and our board and staff, there was nothing ‘interim’ about this quality and focused leadership, accomplishing more on a part-time basis than many professionals would in a full-time position.
Cheryl Pfaff, Board President
Council for the Homeless
Paul was able to quickly win over the board and gain their confidence. He demonstrated an ability to quickly assess and prioritize the programs and the board’s immediate needs. He provided positive and thoughtful leadership and worked effectively with the board and program committees. Paul had a collaborative style that allowed the board and staff to feel included and valued. With input from the board he created a plan to stabilize services and funding while preparing the program for the new executive director. He worked closely on developing a plan to keep the program and services running. He brought us together to stabilize the program while continuing to provide the programs clinical and community services. Thanks to Paul, RVP was not only able to continue operation, but operations and output improved. With Paul’s guidance and wisdom we able to hire an outstanding executive director who was successfully transitioned and launched with the support and assistance of Paul.
Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project
Throughout the entire process, we were given clear and supportive communication, assistance in comparing and contrasting candidate skills. The astute understanding of our cultural needs, and broad base of organizational understanding has resulted in the hiring of a skilled and passionate leader. And, no recruitment process is complete without attention to preplanning for the arrival of a new leader. Our board was guided in developing an integrated plan for our new leader. From start to finish, having the professional support from someone with leadership knowledge, outstanding communication skills, attention to detail and a great sense of humor, made the process enjoyable as well as successful.
Joe Dana, Board and Search Committee Chair
The Grotto, Portland Oregon
Our interim executive director is a confident and transformation leader. Her acumen and talent is inspirational. She left our executive team with actionable solutions for tackling the issues we were working on. Her energy and motivation is contagious, anyone who works with her will catch that spark and advance because of it!
Keri Christensen
Oregon Health Authority
As the board president of Returning Veterans Project (RVP) I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ben Moorad. RVP was going through a program transition and was in need of a new executive director (ED). After hearing from other members of the non profit community about Ben’s abilities and reputation, RVP engaged his services as the leader of our executive search committee. Ben quickly won the support and confidence of our search committee as he laid out the timeline and objectives for our search. By the second meeting, he had the committee’s agenda and timelines set for the next six months. He informed us when and how the process would work and assured us that we would find and excellent candidate once we committed to the task and completed the assignments. Ben did an excellent job of facilitating our diverse search committee, helping us develop a consensus on what qualities and abilities we were looking for in our new ED. He possesses excellent facilitation and time management skills, which kept the committee on task while allowing time to enjoy the process. Ben took charge of setting up our job announcement once we had carefully crafted the wording and structure. Ben assisted us in developing strategies and identifying programs and staff we wanted to contact and get the word out about the position. We would not have been as successful nor gotten the quality of individual that we hired without Ben’s dedication and support. He was an excellent leader and facilitator who guided us through a time consuming process that was richly rewarded. During interviews with candidates, several of them commented on how professional the process was and the respect and consideration they received from Ben. My experience with Ben showed me that he possesses a strong commitment to his community and does so in a caring and professional manner. He is a pleasure to work with and I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to know him and work with him.
Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project
Our interim ED provided needed leadership during a critical time of transition—leadership that the board and senior staff were unable to provide. The scope and deliverables were established in advance so real work was getting done. During this transition we adopted a strategic plan, met our budget goals in a tough economy, met program goals, and guided the organization through the transition to the new Executive Director. Having this skilled leadership enabled us to bring staff, Board, and stakeholders together during a time of transition to lay the foundation for us to continue our services to the community.
Neil McLaughlin, Board President
SOLV Oregon
Having Bob lead the process gives me a great feeling of confidence, a feeling like we are not going to make a mistake. He give us a reservoir of knowledge and experience to float on and gets us to a solid place place. We really value his steady hand and his sense of humor. He's a pleasure to be in the room with him. I can quite honestly say that I hope we work together soon, but I hope we don't need to.
Christopher Rauschenberg
Blue Sky Gallery
I had the pleasure to work with an interim executive director for the past 5 months and would recommend him without reservation. We engaged him for a very unique set of circumstances and a non-traditional role at the Dental Foundation of Oregon. Despite many challenges, his thorough and collaborative approach to engaging stakeholders and providing key recommendations to leadership produced critical discussions and decisions at a key time for the organization. As a result, there was collective buy-in from the board and we are very happy to see the positive movement and momentum for the future, while ensuring all necessary operations and grants were covered during the transitional process. I greatly appreciated and valued having an interim ED as a thought partner, and his even keeled demeanor and approach to sensitive topics were extremely valuable to the organization(s) involved. I highly recommend his expertise and services, and hope to work with him again in the future if an opportunity presents itself.
Connor McNulty, Executive Director
Dental Foundation of Oregon
We were very fortunate to have chosen the path of using an interim director. The experience, ability to deal with ambiguity, lead a team, involve others, and deliver on the execution of plans, was instrumental on the successful journey that followed to assess options for the future, and then execute those plans. Our interim Executive Director jumped into this challenge with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Not only did this ensure the ‘what’ of the outcomes, but the ‘hows’ involved people, brought them along, and engaged them to be a strong part of the solution to the difficult challenge that had to be worked through.
Eric Graves, VP Elanco and Banfield Trust Board
Banfield Charitable Trust
Our interim director focused on specific ways that supported the board in doing its key work during this time of transition of leadership. This was happening at a time in which financially we were at an impasse regards to a key partnership. The interim quickly cut through the chaff to the heart of the problem and with full appreciation of the personalities involved, helped lead our organization to the realization of key options to resolve the dilemma, and led us through serious deliberations that had been lacking until we had this guidance and clarity of goals.
George Jaccobssen, Board President
Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation
I have served on a myriad of non-profit boards of directors and found the insight and the assistance that our interim brought to our organization was invaluable. In each and every instance, our interim Executive Director acted with competence, integrity and professionalism. The insight brought to us was based on vast experience provided a resource that our organization was lacking during our time of transition between executive directors as well as expanding the scope of our service coverage. What impressed me most was the willingness to hit the ground running despite lack of experience with our specific mission area. He proved to be a quick learner and easily adapted what he had learned from his other experiences with non-profit organizations to apply to a business-oriented non-profit organization. The achievements in meeting its goals in that fiscal year are due in large part from the efforts of our interim leader. I would strongly encourage utilizing this service again in the future.
Jessica Cain, Board Member/Transition Chair
Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce
Our interim executive director came on at Enlightened Theatrics at a time when we needed organizational structure in our budget, policy, staffing and vision. In the course of a year he reorganized our staff, wrote functional budgets and policies, helped to create a new strategic plan, managed the process of hiring our new Managing Director, and in general got our organization on track to being a sustainable professional theatre. He also brought a calm demeanor, confidence, and good humor to his role. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a competent Interim Director for a non-profit organization.
Brean Arnold, Board President
Enlightened Theatrics
Our Page Two coach is an incredible thought partner, strategist, and collaborator. She has been an integral part of my early success as an executive director, especially in helping me and our new board chair develop our relationship, focus our energies in the right directions, and launch a board development committee focused on taking our board to the next level.
Nick Gallow, Executive Director
Youth Progress Association
The relaxed manner of our consultant put the board at ease and he was able to orient them and the executive committee quickly and comfortably. I have personal experience with a dozen different non-profit boards. As well, I have managed several large public agencies. During my tenures, we were involved in executive recruiting and hiring. Considering that experience, as well as being a member of our CEO Selection Committee for this board, I heartily recommend and am personally very appreciative of the work done on our behalf and for this expertise.
Pat LaCrosse, Board and Search Committee Member
Oaks Park Foundation
When we approached Page Two Partners, we were in trying situation, needing leadership during a very difficult transition. Being a new Board Chair, I immediately found comfort and solace in the services you provided. Particularly with the interim leadership of Jani Iverson. She garnered trust and respect immediately. She was fluid in her ability to synthesis so much information, quick to collaborate and support a staff that was in a time of low morale, and in identifying the ‘big bleeders’ in our system that needed to be attended to. She maintained and salvaged what was good that we had in place. Even when key people left, she honored them. And she helped insure what they had was retained in our institutional knowledge. It was a very complete and professional service that brought comfort and support for me, the staff, and ultimately to our clients. And did so in what at times was a challenging situation.
Emily Harrington
Blanchet House
Our interim Executive Director brought expertise and breadth of knowledge in nonprofit management. I knew I could count on this leader for day to day management of the organization and to bring attention to hot issues. This gave the board a ‘reality check’ to where the organization is and where we needed to go. By hiring an interim executive director, I was able to focus my energies on the work of the board and the eventual search for the next ED. And having this skilled leadership as a model, we learned what to look for in the next leader of our organization.
Board Chair
Bradley Angel House
Our Page Two Partners coach has been such an asset to me and to our nonprofit organization. As an executive director, it is an incredible resource to be able to bounce ideas off of her and get her feedback and insight, and to also have her ask the right questions for me to gain clarity on my vision and implementation strategies. She has helped our board gain confidence in their roles as ambassadors, and continues to empower me to lead a growing and evolving organization with equal attention to short-term and long-term goals.
Lauren D. Booth, Executive Director
Living Yoga