Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
We were very fortunate to have chosen the path of using an interim director. The experience, ability to deal with ambiguity, lead a team, involve others, and deliver on the execution of plans, was instrumental on the successful journey that followed to assess options for the future, and then execute those plans. Our interim Executive Director jumped into this challenge with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Not only did this ensure the ‘what’ of the outcomes, but the ‘hows’ involved people, brought them along, and engaged them to be a strong part of the solution to the difficult challenge that had to be worked through.
Eric Graves, VP Elanco and Banfield Trust Board
Banfield Charitable Trust
Our interim ED provided needed leadership during a critical time of transition—leadership that the board and senior staff were unable to provide. The scope and deliverables were established in advance so real work was getting done. During this transition we adopted a strategic plan, met our budget goals in a tough economy, met program goals, and guided the organization through the transition to the new Executive Director. Having this skilled leadership enabled us to bring staff, Board, and stakeholders together during a time of transition to lay the foundation for us to continue our services to the community.
Neil McLaughlin, Board President
SOLV Oregon
Having an interim leader with knowledge of nonprofits and boards was invaluable. To the community and our board and staff, there was nothing ‘interim’ about this quality and focused leadership, accomplishing more on a part-time basis than many professionals would in a full-time position.
Cheryl Pfaff, Board President
Council for the Homeless
Paul was able to quickly win over the board and gain their confidence. He demonstrated an ability to quickly assess and prioritize the programs and the board’s immediate needs. He provided positive and thoughtful leadership and worked effectively with the board and program committees. Paul had a collaborative style that allowed the board and staff to feel included and valued. With input from the board he created a plan to stabilize services and funding while preparing the program for the new executive director. He worked closely on developing a plan to keep the program and services running. He brought us together to stabilize the program while continuing to provide the programs clinical and community services. Thanks to Paul, RVP was not only able to continue operation, but operations and output improved. With Paul’s guidance and wisdom we able to hire an outstanding executive director who was successfully transitioned and launched with the support and assistance of Paul.
Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project
I have served on a myriad of non-profit boards of directors and found the insight and the assistance that our interim brought to our organization was invaluable. In each and every instance, our interim Executive Director acted with competence, integrity and professionalism. The insight brought to us was based on vast experience provided a resource that our organization was lacking during our time of transition between executive directors as well as expanding the scope of our service coverage. What impressed me most was the willingness to hit the ground running despite lack of experience with our specific mission area. He proved to be a quick learner and easily adapted what he had learned from his other experiences with non-profit organizations to apply to a business-oriented non-profit organization. The achievements in meeting its goals in that fiscal year are due in large part from the efforts of our interim leader. I would strongly encourage utilizing this service again in the future.
Jessica Cain, Board Member/Transition Chair
Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce