Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
We were very fortunate to have chosen the path of using an interim director. The experience, ability to deal with ambiguity, lead a team, involve others, and deliver on the execution of plans, was instrumental on the successful journey that followed to assess options for the future, and then execute those plans. Our interim Executive Director jumped into this challenge with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Not only did this ensure the ‘what’ of the outcomes, but the ‘hows’ involved people, brought them along, and engaged them to be a strong part of the solution to the difficult challenge that had to be worked through.
Eric Graves, VP Elanco and Banfield Trust Board
Banfield Charitable Trust
Paul was able to quickly win over the board and gain their confidence. He demonstrated an ability to quickly assess and prioritize the programs and the board’s immediate needs. He provided positive and thoughtful leadership and worked effectively with the board and program committees. Paul had a collaborative style that allowed the board and staff to feel included and valued. With input from the board he created a plan to stabilize services and funding while preparing the program for the new executive director. He worked closely on developing a plan to keep the program and services running. He brought us together to stabilize the program while continuing to provide the programs clinical and community services. Thanks to Paul, RVP was not only able to continue operation, but operations and output improved. With Paul’s guidance and wisdom we able to hire an outstanding executive director who was successfully transitioned and launched with the support and assistance of Paul.
Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project
Our interim director focused on specific ways that supported the board in doing its key work during this time of transition of leadership. This was happening at a time in which financially we were at an impasse regards to a key partnership. The interim quickly cut through the chaff to the heart of the problem and with full appreciation of the personalities involved, helped lead our organization to the realization of key options to resolve the dilemma, and led us through serious deliberations that had been lacking until we had this guidance and clarity of goals.
George Jaccobssen, Board President
Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation
Jani and the P2P team made our search process a great experience. They came to feel like natural, comfortable members of our team – who were there to help us, make each step easy and good, and hold us true to our stated goals and priorities for this search. Jani leads with integrity. She is smart, direct, transparent, and warm. The P2P team helped us keep a pace that met our timeline and followed a methodology that was do-able and made sense. We know there are lots of mechanics to a search process as good as we experienced and she delivered. And, as the saying goes, ‘I don’t want to know how the sausage is made,’ Jani kept us out of the machinery level of the process. Honestly, in every way, she was incredibly helpful.
Andra Stoll Carrick
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
When our Executive Director unexpectedly announced she was stepping down there were many quick decisions to be made in order to continue business as usual. Once we met with Page Two Partners we had one less thing to worry about. I had no idea that you could hire an Interim Executive Director, but I’m glad you can. Our interim seamlessly stepped into the role and put us all at ease. He managed day to day tasks, identified strengths and weaknesses, and prepared us for a new ED. Being a new board chair, I honestly don’t know what I would have done if not for Danny and Page Two Partners. Tina Kimmey, Board Chair SE Uplift Neighborhood Program
Tina Kimmey, Board Chair SE Uplift Neighborhood Program
SE Uplift