Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
We were very fortunate to have chosen the path of using an interim director. The experience, ability to deal with ambiguity, lead a team, involve others, and deliver on the execution of plans, was instrumental on the successful journey that followed to assess options for the future, and then execute those plans. Our interim Executive Director jumped into this challenge with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Not only did this ensure the ‘what’ of the outcomes, but the ‘hows’ involved people, brought them along, and engaged them to be a strong part of the solution to the difficult challenge that had to be worked through.
Eric Graves, VP Elanco and Banfield Trust Board
Banfield Charitable Trust
Throughout the entire process, we were given clear and supportive communication, assistance in comparing and contrasting candidate skills. The astute understanding of our cultural needs, and broad base of organizational understanding has resulted in the hiring of a skilled and passionate leader. And, no recruitment process is complete without attention to preplanning for the arrival of a new leader. Our board was guided in developing an integrated plan for our new leader. From start to finish, having the professional support from someone with leadership knowledge, outstanding communication skills, attention to detail and a great sense of humor, made the process enjoyable as well as successful.
Joe Dana, Board and Search Committee Chair
The Grotto, Portland Oregon
We reached out to Page Two Partners to conduct our Executive Director search. From facilitating us to come to a clear profile of the leader we wanted/needed to the application process, guiding us through each phase of the interview process and facilitating us through our final selection process, we felt confident that we would be successful in our search. Our consultant, Jani Iverson, communicated clearly to us throughout the process. Most importantly, she provided us with detailed processes and tools and guided us through each phase. She always made sure that our discussions brought out each participants diverse ideas and thoughts and helped us come to a conclusion we all believed and felt great about. And, throughout the process, the search committee and board became a much more effective team which, I know, will have benefits for us as we move forward. We cannot thank Page Two Partners enough for leading us to a great conclusion with a new Executive Director that we feel is the best fit for our organization.
Eileen Boerger, Board Chair, Saturday Academy
Saturday Academy
Our interim Executive Director brought expertise and breadth of knowledge in nonprofit management. I knew I could count on this leader for day to day management of the organization and to bring attention to hot issues. This gave the board a ‘reality check’ to where the organization is and where we needed to go. By hiring an interim executive director, I was able to focus my energies on the work of the board and the eventual search for the next ED. And having this skilled leadership as a model, we learned what to look for in the next leader of our organization.
Board Chair
Bradley Angel House
I have served on a myriad of non-profit boards of directors and found the insight and the assistance that our interim brought to our organization was invaluable. In each and every instance, our interim Executive Director acted with competence, integrity and professionalism. The insight brought to us was based on vast experience provided a resource that our organization was lacking during our time of transition between executive directors as well as expanding the scope of our service coverage. What impressed me most was the willingness to hit the ground running despite lack of experience with our specific mission area. He proved to be a quick learner and easily adapted what he had learned from his other experiences with non-profit organizations to apply to a business-oriented non-profit organization. The achievements in meeting its goals in that fiscal year are due in large part from the efforts of our interim leader. I would strongly encourage utilizing this service again in the future.
Jessica Cain, Board Member/Transition Chair
Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce