Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
Jani and the P2P team made our search process a great experience. They came to feel like natural, comfortable members of our team – who were there to help us, make each step easy and good, and hold us true to our stated goals and priorities for this search. Jani leads with integrity. She is smart, direct, transparent, and warm. The P2P team helped us keep a pace that met our timeline and followed a methodology that was do-able and made sense. We know there are lots of mechanics to a search process as good as we experienced and she delivered. And, as the saying goes, ‘I don’t want to know how the sausage is made,’ Jani kept us out of the machinery level of the process. Honestly, in every way, she was incredibly helpful.
Andra Stoll Carrick
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
When we approached Page Two Partners, we were in a trying situation, needing leadership during a very difficult transition. Being a new Board Chair, I immediately found comfort and solace in the services you provided. Particularly with the interim leadership of Jani Iverson. She garnered trust and respect immediately. She was fluid in her ability to synthesize so much information, quick to collaborate and support a staff that was in a time of low morale, and in identifying the ‘big bleeders’ in our system that needed to be attended to. She maintained and salvaged what was good that we had in place. Even when key people left, she honored them. And she helped ensure what they had was retained in our institutional knowledge. It was a very complete and professional service that brought comfort and support for me, the staff, and ultimately to our clients. And did so in what at times was a challenging situation.
Emily Harrington
Blanchet House
From start to finish, Page Two Partners gave us exceptional service and exceeded our expectations. Our coordinator asked insightful questions about our needs and paired us with the ideal Interim ED. Our Interim ED not only supported staff, kept an eye on our financials, and expertly managed our organizational governance, but she recommended new practices to improve our organizations efficacy. We are indebted to Page Two for their excellent support and highly recommend them to other organizations.
Nellie McAdams
Oregon Agricultural Trust
We reached out to Page Two Partners to conduct our Executive Director search. From facilitating us to come to a clear profile of the leader we wanted/needed to the application process, guiding us through each phase of the interview process and facilitating us through our final selection process, we felt confident that we would be successful in our search. Our consultant, Jani Iverson, communicated clearly to us throughout the process. Most importantly, she provided us with detailed processes and tools and guided us through each phase. She always made sure that our discussions brought out each participants diverse ideas and thoughts and helped us come to a conclusion we all believed and felt great about. And, throughout the process, the search committee and board became a much more effective team which, I know, will have benefits for us as we move forward. We cannot thank Page Two Partners enough for leading us to a great conclusion with a new Executive Director that we feel is the best fit for our organization.
Eileen Boerger, Board Chair, Saturday Academy
Saturday Academy
Our interim executive director is a confident and transformation leader. Her acumen and talent is inspirational. She left our executive team with actionable solutions for tackling the issues we were working on. Her energy and motivation is contagious, anyone who works with her will catch that spark and advance because of it!
Keri Christensen
Oregon Health Authority