Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
The relaxed manner of our consultant put the board at ease and he was able to orient them and the executive committee quickly and comfortably. I have personal experience with a dozen different non-profit boards. As well, I have managed several large public agencies. During my tenures, we were involved in executive recruiting and hiring. Considering that experience, as well as being a member of our CEO Selection Committee for this board, I heartily recommend and am personally very appreciative of the work done on our behalf and for this expertise.
Pat LaCrosse, Board and Search Committee Member
Oaks Park Foundation
Having an interim leader with knowledge of nonprofits and boards was invaluable. To the community and our board and staff, there was nothing ‘interim’ about this quality and focused leadership, accomplishing more on a part-time basis than many professionals would in a full-time position.
Cheryl Pfaff, Board President
Council for the Homeless
Our Page Two coach is an incredible thought partner, strategist, and collaborator. She has been an integral part of my early success as an executive director, especially in helping me and our new board chair develop our relationship, focus our energies in the right directions, and launch a board development committee focused on taking our board to the next level.
Nick Gallo, Executive Director
Youth Progress Association
A sincere thank you for your hard work to get our JWEA Board functioning. You are both very good listeners who are able to analyze what you learn and channel that information into a positive action plan. Those are rare and valuable skills; I'm grateful that you offer your talents to non-profits like ours.
Steve Kirn, board member
Jane Weber Evergreen Arboretum
Having Bob lead the process gives me a great feeling of confidence, a feeling like we are not going to make a mistake. He give us a reservoir of knowledge and experience to float on and gets us to a solid place place. We really value his steady hand and his sense of humor. He's a pleasure to be in the room with him. I can quite honestly say that I hope we work together soon, but I hope we don't need to.
Christopher Rauschenberg
Blue Sky Gallery