Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
When we approached Page Two Partners, we were in a trying situation, needing leadership during a very difficult transition. Being a new Board Chair, I immediately found comfort and solace in the services you provided. Particularly with the interim leadership of Jani Iverson. She garnered trust and respect immediately. She was fluid in her ability to synthesize so much information, quick to collaborate and support a staff that was in a time of low morale, and in identifying the ‘big bleeders’ in our system that needed to be attended to. She maintained and salvaged what was good that we had in place. Even when key people left, she honored them. And she helped ensure what they had was retained in our institutional knowledge. It was a very complete and professional service that brought comfort and support for me, the staff, and ultimately to our clients. And did so in what at times was a challenging situation.
Emily Harrington
Blanchet House
Our interim director focused on specific ways that supported the board in doing its key work during this time of transition of leadership. This was happening at a time in which financially we were at an impasse regards to a key partnership. The interim quickly cut through the chaff to the heart of the problem and with full appreciation of the personalities involved, helped lead our organization to the realization of key options to resolve the dilemma, and led us through serious deliberations that had been lacking until we had this guidance and clarity of goals.
George Jaccobssen, Board President
Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation
We were very fortunate to have chosen the path of using an interim director. The experience, ability to deal with ambiguity, lead a team, involve others, and deliver on the execution of plans, was instrumental on the successful journey that followed to assess options for the future, and then execute those plans. Our interim Executive Director jumped into this challenge with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Not only did this ensure the ‘what’ of the outcomes, but the ‘hows’ involved people, brought them along, and engaged them to be a strong part of the solution to the difficult challenge that had to be worked through.
Eric Graves, VP Elanco and Banfield Trust Board
Banfield Charitable Trust
I had the pleasure to work with an interim executive director for the past 5 months and would recommend him without reservation. We engaged him for a very unique set of circumstances and a non-traditional role at the Dental Foundation of Oregon. Despite many challenges, his thorough and collaborative approach to engaging stakeholders and providing key recommendations to leadership produced critical discussions and decisions at a key time for the organization. As a result, there was collective buy-in from the board and we are very happy to see the positive movement and momentum for the future, while ensuring all necessary operations and grants were covered during the transitional process. I greatly appreciated and valued having an interim ED as a thought partner, and his even keeled demeanor and approach to sensitive topics were extremely valuable to the organization(s) involved. I highly recommend his expertise and services, and hope to work with him again in the future if an opportunity presents itself.
Connor McNulty, Executive Director
Dental Foundation of Oregon
From a job candidate...Working with Page Two Partners was an absolute joy! Finding your way through executive director searches can be difficult even during the best of times, and during a global pandemic it would be easy to have a well-planned search go off the rails. As an applicant, it was even readily apparent which firms were going above and beyond to provide the best service during a COVID-impacted search. Page Two Partners stood out as being an amazing partner for an executive director search. Page Two Partners were excellent communicators, always provided me with clear information regarding where we were in the process, and what the next steps were going to be. Perhaps even more importantly, they checked in on me as an individual. They asked me my thoughts and concerns about proceeding in a search during unprecedented times, and they genuinely cared about my health and well-being. During the process it was clear that Jani and the Page Two Partners team had worked closely with the board to identify relevant and meaningful questions that got to the core of the organization’s mission. The questions weren’t recycled as the search continued – they evolved with the pool, and, more importantly, evolved with the changing COVID landscape. The teamwork between Page Two Partners and the Saturday Academy Board was readily apparent to me as an applicant; this provided incredible peace of mind going through the search, as I knew that the collaboration was strong and resulted in a robust yet human-centered approach towards talent identification. Jani was available for questions at any time, and was clear and prompt in her responses. As an applicant who was going through multiple interview processes at the time, Page Two Partners stood out as the organization that was highly engaged, extremely professional, effective communicators, and cared about supporting its applicants to find the best fit for Saturday Academy.
Jackie Wirz
Saturday Academy