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Paul was able to quickly win over the board and gain their confidence. He demonstrated an ability to quickly assess and prioritize the programs and the board’s immediate needs. He provided positive and thoughtful leadership and worked effectively with the board and program committees.
Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project

Interim Executive Directors

Is an interim director the best option at this time? If you're looking for a new director, you're usually facing a three to four month search process to recruit and bring on a new leader. This is a time of extra work for the board, anxiety on the staff, and potential concern by your funders. As experienced interim directors we bring calm, stable leadership at a time of uncertainty. We'll step in quickly and assess things. Then we'll focus on the systems, from financial oversight to board involvement and HR that you need to be in good shape for a good transition. We'll provide leadership for the staff, and help them be sure that your programs, the essential work of your organization, can continue.

Executive Search

We've led hundreds of searches. We've also been executive directors and board chairs so we understand what makes nonprofits and nonprofit searches succeed. An executive transition is an opportunity to take stock of your organization and understand why your director is leaving. We can help you identify and come to agreement about the leadership needs you have going forward. We know the nonprofit community so we can help you recruit strategically and effectively. We'll lead an in-depth process to evaluate applicants, engage staff appropriately, and be sure everyone is treated in the most professional way possible. We'll help you use your time efficiently and effectively, in a way that helps both you and the top candidates evaluate if this is the right position for them. Even candidates who are not selected often comment that they feel honored and rspected by the process.
A search generally takes three to four months. Make sure that time is well organized and productive. Your staff and your new director will be grateful.

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Working with Bob gives me a 100% feeling of confidence that we will steer through a dangerous shipping canal (Executive Search) with a steady hand, avoiding all of the rocks and pitfalls…..and I know he will make it fun!
Christopher Rauschenberg
Blue Sky Gallery
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Our coach has been an integral part of my early success as an executive director, especially in helping me and our new board chair develop our relationship.
Nick Gallo, Executive Director
Youth Progress Association

Board Training and Advising

Regardless of the issue, we can provide a customized training for your board. Sometimes you may need clarity about board roles, or how to run more effective meetings. Perhaps you're not sure about the proper relationship between the board chair and the executive director. Maybe you don't understand your financial statements or how to ask people for money. We can help you become more effective as a board, and help you to have a more rewarding experience supporting an organization that you love.

ED Advising/Coaching

When you need help thinking through staff, board, program or systems problems, we can help board members level up their skills and abilities. Decades of learning community experience and hands-on nonprofit leadership have equipped us to facilitate the conversations that will help you move forward. A short phone conversation can help us determine if this makes sense as a way for you to tackle challenges you may be facing.

A sincere thank you for your hard work to get our JWEA Board functioning. You are both very good listeners who are able to analyze what you learn and channel that information into a positive action plan. Those are rare and valuable skills; I'm grateful that you offer your talents to non-profits like ours.
Steve Kirn, board member
Jane Weber Evergreen Arboretum
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The ED Peer Support Coaching Group has been instrumental in my personal and professional development over the past year.
Michela Bedard

Peer Groups for Executive Directors

Intended for nonprofit executive directors looking to expand their network of support, Page Two Partners offers a monthly peer group program aimed at supporting and developing organizational leaders.

Leaders deal with an array of challenges that no one else in the organization fully comprehends. No matter how much you love your work, it can feel lonely -- but you don’t have to be alone.

Join a small group of other nonprofit leaders for a facilitated peer coaching group. In this safe, confidential space, you can talk about the challenges you currently face and celebrate your successes with a group that understands the Executive Director role.

During this time, you’ll get to know each other well enough to share honestly and provide genuine support as you strive together to be exemplary leaders for your organizations.

Packages are available for 6 or 12 months. Each group meets over Zoom for 90-minute sessions, with the agenda being co-created by you and 7 of your peers.

Facilitators: Jani Iverson and Melissa Parkerton, experienced nonprofit leaders and trained coaches.

Cost: $600 for six months or $1,000 annually. No meetings in August or December.

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