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We've led hundreds of searches. We've also been executive directors and board chairs so we understand what makes nonprofits and nonprofit searches succeed. An executive transition is an opportunity to take stock of your organization and understand why your director is leaving. We can help you identify and come to agreement about the leadership needs you have going forward. We know the nonprofit community so we can help you recruit strategically and effectively. We'll lead an in-depth process to evaluate applicants, engage staff appropriately, and be sure everyone is treated in the most professional way possible. We'll help you use your time efficiently and effectively, in a way that helps both you and the top candidates evaluate if this is the right position for them. Even candidates who are not selected often comment that they feel honored and respected by the process.

A search generally takes five to six months. Make sure that time is well organized and productive. Your staff and your new director will be grateful.

Testimonials about
Executive Director Searches

As the board president of Returning Veterans Project (RVP) I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ben Moorad. RVP was going through a program transition and was in need of a new executive director (ED). After hearing from other members of the non profit community about Ben’s abilities and reputation, RVP engaged his services as the leader of our executive search committee. Ben quickly won the support and confidence of our search committee as he laid out the timeline and objectives for our search. By the second meeting, he had the committee’s agenda and timelines set for the next six months. He informed us when and how the process would work and assured us that we would find and excellent candidate once we committed to the task and completed the assignments. Ben did an excellent job of facilitating our diverse search committee, helping us develop a consensus on what qualities and abilities we were looking for in our new ED. He possesses excellent facilitation and time management skills, which kept the committee on task while allowing time to enjoy the process. Ben took charge of setting up our job announcement once we had carefully crafted the wording and structure. Ben assisted us in developing strategies and identifying programs and staff we wanted to contact and get the word out about the position. We would not have been as successful nor gotten the quality of individual that we hired without Ben’s dedication and support. He was an excellent leader and facilitator who guided us through a time consuming process that was richly rewarded. During interviews with candidates, several of them commented on how professional the process was and the respect and consideration they received from Ben. My experience with Ben showed me that he possesses a strong commitment to his community and does so in a caring and professional manner. He is a pleasure to work with and I felt privileged to have had the opportunity to know him and work with him.

Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project

Our experience with Jani and P2P was exceptional. This is the second time that I have headed up an Executive Director Search. P2P’s involvement made this process 100 times better than the previous process. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking an Interim Executive Director, or firm to assist with an Executive Director search.

Christoffer McCollom
Youth Progress

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