Strategic Planning

A useful strategic plan (one that doesn't sit on the shelf) helps the organization decide what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. Our process, helps the board and staff clarify their values, their purpose, and the the big goal that is driving the organization. When we are finished, you'll know your primary goal for the year, and the strategic objectives necessary to work toward that goal... this builds alignment, inspires your team, and makes it more likely that you'll be able to have the impact on the world that you want.

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Strategic Planning

Page Two Partners were exactly the right experts to help our fledgling non-profit create a strategic planning framework to guide our organization for years to come. Eric and Jani facilitated fruitful and transparent communication, encouraging all team members to contribute and collaborate through insightful and creative discussions and activities. Their warm guidance, as well as the tools they helped us develop and tailor to our unique values, objectives, and goals, have been invaluable to our organization and have transformed our operations as well as how team members engage with one another. Thank you Page Two Partners!

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