Peer Groups for Executive Directors

Intended for nonprofit executive directors looking to expand their network of support, Page Two Partners offers a monthly peer group program aimed at supporting and developing organizational leaders.

Leaders deal with an array of challenges that no one else in the organization fully comprehends. No matter how much you love your work, it can feel lonely -- but you don’t have to be alone.

Join a small group of other nonprofit leaders for a facilitated peer coaching group. In this safe, confidential space, you can talk about the challenges you currently face and celebrate your successes with a group that understands the Executive Director role.

During this time, you’ll get to know each other well enough to share honestly and provide genuine support as you strive together to be exemplary leaders for your organizations.

Packages are available for 6 or 12 months. Each group meets over Zoom for 90-minute sessions, with the agenda being co-created by you and 7 of your peers.

Facilitators: Jani Iverson and Melissa Parkerton, experienced nonprofit leaders and trained coaches.

Cost: $600 for six months or $1,000 annually. No meetings in August or December.

Testimonials about
Peer Groups for Executive Directors

The ED Peer Support Coaching Group has been instrumental in my personal and professional development over the past year. The cohort of professionals provides advice, networking, and guidance at a time when many Executive Directors unfortunately find themselves learning the same lessons and working in silos.

Michela Bedard

My ED Peer Support Coaching Group is the best professional development experience I enjoy. The insight from my colleagues is illuminating. It’s also great fun, and I value the time with people who truly get what it means to lead nonprofits today. They keep me sane!

Scott Kerman
Blanchet House

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