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We believe nonprofit organizations are critical to the economic and social vitality of our communities. As professional nonprofit leaders, we focus our attention on executive transitions. We know leadership transition is a critical time of opportunity and risk for many organizations. with unique demands and responsibilities for board and staff. For many organizations, an executive transition provides one of the most significant opportunities for organizational transformation and positive change in the life of the organization. Our team is well versed in nonprofit business and change management. We bring an objective perspective and can lead a board and staff through an organizational transition while addressing specific stabilization, sustainability and capacity-building needs over a time-limited period. We value having a team of peers working together to provide added support for each of us in our engagements and to the clients we serve. And, we are committed to ongoing learning and the refinement and evolution of our work to better support our clients and their communities.

Geography: We are based in Portland, Oregon and most of our consultants work for organizations in a two-hour radius of our home city. Since COVID, many organizations are comfortable with a virtual leadership approach. It works great! So if virtual works for you and you live beyond Portland, let's talk!

Core Values
Put clients first, act with honesty and integrity, encourage healthy discussions, support collaborative decision making, never stop learning and strive for constant improvement.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
We're committed to a more just, diverse, equitable and inclusive world and exploring ways that we, as a part of the nonprofit sector, can learn how to do that better.

who we are
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Abigail Sarmac


Abby has worked over twenty years in philanthropy, non-profit and for-profit social ventures, environmental conservation and sustainable community development in developing countries and is excited to bring these perspectives to bear in support of the mission-oriented organizations here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Bethany Walmsley


After years of experience as a nonprofit executive director, Bethany uses her expertise to bring stability to nonprofits going through a leadership transition.

Bob Hazen


Bob has devoted his life to building teams, strengthening organizations and seeking creative solutions to social issues.

Danny Mankin


Danny Mankin has extensive experience as an executive director including all aspects of fundraising, board development, budget management and executive searches.

Eric Vines


Eric Vines loves to figure out the right "big goal" for an organization that will align everyone's work to a common end.

Jani Iverson


Jani Iverson has had a broad range of experience working with non-profits as they move through transitions to become stronger better functioning organizations.

Kaleen Deatherage


An executive leader with over twenty years’ experience in guiding non-profit organizations, Kaleen brings strong leadership, financial, strategic, and development skills to the nonprofits she serves.

Karen Hill

Karen hill is an experienced CEO with demonstrated success in the non-profit industry.

Lisa Sloan


Lisa has been working with nonprofits for more than 25 years to cultivate their internal strengths, achieve financial stability and articulate their impact.

Liz Field


Mara Gross


Mara builds strong, authentic relationships to help mission-driven organizations advance programs and policy for social and environmental justice.

Nick Hardigg


Nick’s specialty is leading organizations through periods of change, including executive director transition, organizational growth & restructuring, and advancing equity.

Paul Lipscomb


Paul is a non-profit professional with more than 30 years of experience. He has worked with more than 22 organizations as an interim ED and conducted searches for more than a dozen others.