Bob began his career with the LERN Recycling company in Tucson, AZ. With two friends they started one of the first curbside recycling programs in the country. For twenty years he worked around the world, teaching English and cross cultural communication in Japan, starting a development office for the Peoples of the South Pacific in Vanuatu (then the New Hebrides), and enhancing citizen diplomacy efforts through documentary and television work in the Soviet Union.

Once settled in Portland in the early 90’s, Bob with Paul Lipscomb and others built a team of nonprofit leadership professionals to provide expertise and guidance to nonprofits going through transition. Through twenty-five years of community learning we have supported ourselves and hundreds of nonprofits by promoting enlightened leadership based on empowerment and professionalism.

In addition to directing the Executive Transition Services program at TACS/NAO, Bob has led nine nonprofits as interim director and helped over 85 organizations with executive director searches. He has worked for many years with Mujeres Aliadas, a women’s health care, midwifery and women’s sexual and reproductive rights organization in Michoacán, Mexico. His experiences in different cultures have reinforced his belief that there are many ways to approach a problem, and every new venture is an opportunity to both share expertise and to continue learning.

Bob Hazen