Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
Our interim director focused on specific ways that supported the board in doing its key work during this time of transition of leadership. This was happening at a time in which financially we were at an impasse regards to a key partnership. The interim quickly cut through the chaff to the heart of the problem and with full appreciation of the personalities involved, helped lead our organization to the realization of key options to resolve the dilemma, and led us through serious deliberations that had been lacking until we had this guidance and clarity of goals.
George Jaccobssen, Board President
Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation
When our Executive Director unexpectedly announced she was stepping down there were many quick decisions to be made in order to continue business as usual. Once we met with Page Two Partners we had one less thing to worry about. I had no idea that you could hire an Interim Executive Director, but I’m glad you can. Our interim seamlessly stepped into the role and put us all at ease. He managed day to day tasks, identified strengths and weaknesses, and prepared us for a new ED. Being a new board chair, I honestly don’t know what I would have done if not for Danny and Page Two Partners. Tina Kimmey, Board Chair SE Uplift Neighborhood Program
Tina Kimmey, Board Chair SE Uplift Neighborhood Program
SE Uplift
Page Two Partners were exactly the right experts to help our fledgling non-profit create a strategic planning framework to guide our organization for years to come. Eric and Jani facilitated fruitful and transparent communication, encouraging all team members to contribute and collaborate through insightful and creative discussions and activities. Their warm guidance, as well as the tools they helped us develop and tailor to our unique values, objectives, and goals, have been invaluable to our organization and have transformed our operations as well as how team members engage with one another. Thank you Page Two Partners!
Delany Bird
Children and Screens
When we approached Page Two Partners, we were in a trying situation, needing leadership during a very difficult transition. Being a new Board Chair, I immediately found comfort and solace in the services you provided. Particularly with the interim leadership of Jani Iverson. She garnered trust and respect immediately. She was fluid in her ability to synthesize so much information, quick to collaborate and support a staff that was in a time of low morale, and in identifying the ‘big bleeders’ in our system that needed to be attended to. She maintained and salvaged what was good that we had in place. Even when key people left, she honored them. And she helped ensure what they had was retained in our institutional knowledge. It was a very complete and professional service that brought comfort and support for me, the staff, and ultimately to our clients. And did so in what at times was a challenging situation.
Emily Harrington
Blanchet House
Our interim Executive Director brought expertise and breadth of knowledge in nonprofit management. I knew I could count on this leader for day to day management of the organization and to bring attention to hot issues. This gave the board a ‘reality check’ to where the organization is and where we needed to go. By hiring an interim executive director, I was able to focus my energies on the work of the board and the eventual search for the next ED. And having this skilled leadership as a model, we learned what to look for in the next leader of our organization.
Board Chair
Bradley Angel House