Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
A sincere thank you for your hard work to get our JWEA Board functioning. You are both very good listeners who are able to analyze what you learn and channel that information into a positive action plan. Those are rare and valuable skills; I'm grateful that you offer your talents to non-profits like ours.
Steve Kirn, board member
Jane Weber Evergreen Arboretum
Our Page Two Partners coach has been such an asset to me and to our nonprofit organization. As an executive director, it is an incredible resource to be able to bounce ideas off of her and get her feedback and insight, and to also have her ask the right questions for me to gain clarity on my vision and implementation strategies. She has helped our board gain confidence in their roles as ambassadors, and continues to empower me to lead a growing and evolving organization with equal attention to short-term and long-term goals.
Lauren D. Booth, Executive Director
Living Yoga
Paul was able to quickly win over the board and gain their confidence. He demonstrated an ability to quickly assess and prioritize the programs and the board’s immediate needs. He provided positive and thoughtful leadership and worked effectively with the board and program committees. Paul had a collaborative style that allowed the board and staff to feel included and valued. With input from the board he created a plan to stabilize services and funding while preparing the program for the new executive director. He worked closely on developing a plan to keep the program and services running. He brought us together to stabilize the program while continuing to provide the programs clinical and community services. Thanks to Paul, RVP was not only able to continue operation, but operations and output improved. With Paul’s guidance and wisdom we able to hire an outstanding executive director who was successfully transitioned and launched with the support and assistance of Paul.
Mike Maxwell
Returning Veterans Project
From a job candidate...Working with Page Two Partners was an absolute joy! Finding your way through executive director searches can be difficult even during the best of times, and during a global pandemic it would be easy to have a well-planned search go off the rails. As an applicant, it was even readily apparent which firms were going above and beyond to provide the best service during a COVID-impacted search. Page Two Partners stood out as being an amazing partner for an executive director search. Page Two Partners were excellent communicators, always provided me with clear information regarding where we were in the process, and what the next steps were going to be. Perhaps even more importantly, they checked in on me as an individual. They asked me my thoughts and concerns about proceeding in a search during unprecedented times, and they genuinely cared about my health and well-being. During the process it was clear that Jani and the Page Two Partners team had worked closely with the board to identify relevant and meaningful questions that got to the core of the organization’s mission. The questions weren’t recycled as the search continued – they evolved with the pool, and, more importantly, evolved with the changing COVID landscape. The teamwork between Page Two Partners and the Saturday Academy Board was readily apparent to me as an applicant; this provided incredible peace of mind going through the search, as I knew that the collaboration was strong and resulted in a robust yet human-centered approach towards talent identification. Jani was available for questions at any time, and was clear and prompt in her responses. As an applicant who was going through multiple interview processes at the time, Page Two Partners stood out as the organization that was highly engaged, extremely professional, effective communicators, and cared about supporting its applicants to find the best fit for Saturday Academy.
Jackie Wirz
Saturday Academy
Jani and the P2P team made our search process a great experience. They came to feel like natural, comfortable members of our team – who were there to help us, make each step easy and good, and hold us true to our stated goals and priorities for this search. Jani leads with integrity. She is smart, direct, transparent, and warm. The P2P team helped us keep a pace that met our timeline and followed a methodology that was do-able and made sense. We know there are lots of mechanics to a search process as good as we experienced and she delivered. And, as the saying goes, ‘I don’t want to know how the sausage is made,’ Jani kept us out of the machinery level of the process. Honestly, in every way, she was incredibly helpful.
Andra Stoll Carrick
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon