Don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from people we've worked with:
Our Page Two Partners coach has been such an asset to me and to our nonprofit organization. As an executive director, it is an incredible resource to be able to bounce ideas off of her and get her feedback and insight, and to also have her ask the right questions for me to gain clarity on my vision and implementation strategies. She has helped our board gain confidence in their roles as ambassadors, and continues to empower me to lead a growing and evolving organization with equal attention to short-term and long-term goals.
Lauren D. Booth, Executive Director
Living Yoga
Having an interim leader with knowledge of nonprofits and boards was invaluable. To the community and our board and staff, there was nothing ‘interim’ about this quality and focused leadership, accomplishing more on a part-time basis than many professionals would in a full-time position.
Cheryl Pfaff, Board President
Council for the Homeless
Our Page Two coach is an incredible thought partner, strategist, and collaborator. She has been an integral part of my early success as an executive director, especially in helping me and our new board chair develop our relationship, focus our energies in the right directions, and launch a board development committee focused on taking our board to the next level.
Nick Gallow, Executive Director
Youth Progress Association
Our interim executive director is a confident and transformation leader. Her acumen and talent is inspirational. She left our executive team with actionable solutions for tackling the issues we were working on. Her energy and motivation is contagious, anyone who works with her will catch that spark and advance because of it!
Keri Christensen
Oregon Health Authority
Having Bob lead the process gives me a great feeling of confidence, a feeling like we are not going to make a mistake. He give us a reservoir of knowledge and experience to float on and gets us to a solid place place. We really value his steady hand and his sense of humor. He's a pleasure to be in the room with him. I can quite honestly say that I hope we work together soon, but I hope we don't need to.
Christopher Rauschenberg
Blue Sky Gallery