Aug 2021

Hiring for two great positions

We are actively looking for an executive director for these two youth-serving organizations:

  • Project POOCH is looking for its next Executive Director. This may be your chance to make a significant difference in the lives of young people and rescue dogs! If this leadership opportunity speaks to you, we encourage you to apply. We’ll begin screening applications on September 18, 2021. Check out the job announcement here and the full job description here.
  • CASA of Clackamas County helps abused or neglected youth by advocating for them in the criminal justice system. This executive director position oversees a highly trained staff of 12 and works closely with a dedicated and effective board of directors. If you are energized by this type of work, this may be the perfect job for you. Applications close September 19, 2021. You can find the job announcement here.

We also have a few spots open for one of our Executive Director Peer Support/Coaching groups. We are launching our third group in September and will be offering a 4th group starting in October. These have been an outstanding way to build community and support for leaders in the nonprofit sector. Reports from participants have been overwhelmingly positive, with leaders feeling more confident, connected and resourced. Groups of 8 executive directors meet once per month for 90 minutes via zoom. The investment for participating in these groups is $500. Contact us for an application or more information.

In addition to our interim Executive Director and executive search work, we have been engaging with more nonprofits who are working on strengthening their board processes, tuning their strategic direction, or providing a sounding board for their Executive Director. This work has been some of the most engaging, challenging, and satisfying work we’ve done.

We are seeing some common threads in the struggles that organizations are having today:

  • Hiring is challenging. There is a lot of churn in the job market right now and salary requirements are going up to retain and recruit good employees. Executive Directors are retiring. Board members are stepping down. Finding leadership for nonprofit organizations is getting tougher. Having a good recruitment process is key.
  • Planning is difficult. COVID uncertainty makes planning really hard. Whether its fundraising events or knowing whether to have staff come back to the office, the daily shifts in COVID safety protocols makes it hard to plot a path forward.
  • Stress is taking its toll. The stress of COVID, global events, national politics, local politics, and daily activities has taken a toll on people’s patience, empathy and mental health, leaving many boards and Executive Director’s feeling frayed and sometimes at odds.
  • Real change is hard. The work toward more diverse, equitable, Inclusive, and anti-racist organizations continues although not without some casualties along the way. The difficult work of undoing systems of oppression that have been in place for centuries has created its share of meltdowns and fractures in nonprofit leadership.
  • Finances are stretched. Last year, PPP money sustained many organizations. This year, the ongoing financial pressures (and no new PPP money in sight) are starting to break many organizations.

If you or your board members need a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities for executive directors or board members, you might enjoy our recently published book: Be a Better Board Member. It will take you through what you need to know about how to have a healthy and effective nonprofit. Available here. If you prefer not purchasing through Amazon, we do have copies available locally, just email us.

We know that it is tough out there for many nonprofits. We are honored to be working behind the scenes to help nonprofit leaders do the hard work to make the world better for all of us. Let us know how we can be of service to your work.

With much appreciation for the clients we have been working with over the last six months:

  • Oregon Country Fair
  • Portland Audubon
  • Coalition for Community Health Clinics
  • Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center
  • Portland Children’s Museum
  • Leach Botanical Garden
  • Pittock Mansion
  • Project POOCH
  • Red Door Project
  • Peace in Schools
  • Saturday Academy
  • Zebras Unite
  • The Center for Chronic Illness
  • Connect!D
  • Living Yoga
  • The New Buildings Institute
  • Schoolhouse Supplies
  • Sellwood Community House
  • Nature and Culture International
  • Youth Progress
  • Feed the Mass
  • South Lane Mental Health
  • TherapyworksNW
  • CASA of Clackamas County
  • Illinois Valley Community Development Organization

From the team at Page Two Partners

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